Monday, November 8, 2010

Yummy give away and pre-order sale.

What is your favorite kind of Bark?   I did a lot of taste testing this weekend and must say I love all 4 of our Bark flavors and can't decide on a personal favorite. 

Holiday Bark,  I can say has the most enjoyable scent of all.  You open a bag of this bark and  can almost taste the mint and chocolate combination before taking a bite.

Cookies n' Cream, is just that a delicious creamy chocolate combination that melts in your mouth.

Toffee Bark has a nice crunch to it with a hit of toffee flavoring throughout.  

Festive Bark is an orange flavored chocolate mixture with Cranberries for added colour and flavor.  It reminds me of the orange chocolates found at Christmas time with the added bonus of cranberries.  

Smashing Cake Designs will be making bark an annual treat you can purchase each November and December.  You can also order bark and have it shipped to a friend with a personal gift card included.   

Bark will be retailing for $10 per box.  However if you pre-order your bark before November 30th, you can enjoy a bulk rate of 3 boxes for $25.    These make great teachers gifts, hostess gifts and stocking stuffers.  

Would you like to win a box for free?   I will be giving away 2 boxes of bark. Winners will be announced Sunday November 14, 2010.  Local winners can arrange pick up of the bark or you can have it shipped anywhere in Canada.   Here's how to enter both contests:
1) Post a comment below stating what you think your favorite flavor would be, be sure to include an e-mail address for contact purposes. 
2) Become an active follower of this blog.   To become an active follower you must enter your e-mail address in the bar in the top right side where is says "subscribe"  you will then a receive an e-mail from Feed Burner to activate your subscription.  Click on the link in the e-mail and you are now an active follower. 

Good Luck!


SweetThingsTO said...

Festive bark sounds good to me! Although I find that toffee bark intruiguing too. :-)

Jodie said...

I would definitely like the toffee bark :) They all look so yummy!

Anonymous said...

I would have to say holiday bark!!!!

Anonymous said...

holiday bark forsure

Sandy Jackson said...

Well u know me Julie...if it's sweet then I'll eat it so me thinks that ALL 4 would be yumm-i-li-cious =)


Anonymous said...

Festive Bark sounds amazing.

Wendy said...

I'm going with Holiday Bark!!! Mint!!! Chocolate!!! TOGETHER!!!! Gotta be Christmas time!

Thanks Julie!

Anonymous said...

Holiday Bark would be my favourite! They all sounds soo yummy though.

Linda said...

Well, who could resist any of those barks!! I'm tipping (ever so slightly) toward toffee bark however. Sounds amazing.

Anonymous said...

Holiday bark sounds good and so does the Toffee bark!! MMMMM