Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Say it with cake.

Want to give Mom something different this year?  How about your daycare provider, dear friend, staff members or anyone else you would like to acknowledge on Mother's Day this year.

I have a few different options available for you.

Wildflower Cake Pops

Cake Pops are a pretty amazing little treat.  They are made from a mixture of cake and icing dipped in chocolate.   These ones are then topped with candy to make the flowers.....yummy! 

All arrangements come in cute little bucket.
6 Flowers   $20
9 Flowers   $27
12 Flowers $35

Rose Bouquets 

Present her with this cute bouquet of roses made with mini cupcakes that can be enjoyed for days. 

Large bouquet (20-25 roses)  $35
Small bouquet (12-18 roses)  $25 each or 2 for $45

Mother's Day is just around the corner so be sure to order your cake treats today.  Contact us by e-mail or phone 705-795-4801

Monday, April 26, 2010

Popcorn Invites to make the whole party theme

Okay I just have to post this.   After posting my popcorn bucket below I was going through my list of blogs I follow and came across Lorrinda's new post.   Lorrinda is a fellow scrapbook sister with Close to my Heart and she posted these great Popcorn Invites .   How cute would these be with the whole movie night birthday party.    Lorrinda also makes cakes and I know she could whip up one of these cakes to make the whole package for her customers as well.  

Movie Night

What's better then a nice bowl of popcorn with a movie......what if you have a sweet tooth, well then my bowl of popcorn is what you need.   Dig into this bowl of popcorn and you will find cake, icing and marshmallows.....yummy!!

This makes a fun cake for a night in watching movies or a movie themed birhtday party. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mother's Day Cupcake Bouquet Workshop

Come out and learn how to make these great cupcake roses just in time for Mother's Day. Workshops being held in Barrie on Tuesday May 4, 2010 with a morning and evening session being held. 

You will receive the icing tip to take home so you can make as many bouquets as you would like. 

I am offering 2 pricing options:
$15 - you bring your own vase and well fitting styrofoam ball
$25 - includes workshop cost with vase shown included and styrofoam ball
Both options include icing, decorators tip, colouring and picks to adhere cupcakes. 

Please sign up by Wednesday April 28, 2010 and feel free to pass the workshop details unto your friends.   When signing up please include the workshop of your choice either morning 10am-12pm or evening 7:30pm-9:30pm.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spaghetti Anyone?

Bowl of spaghetti anyone?  Or how about a slice of spaghetti?  Dig into this spaghetti and you will find marble cake, chocolate icing, chocolate meatballs and jam sauce.

Shock your guests with this bowl of dessert.   You will be amazed at how easy this cake is to make. 
1.  Bake any size single layer cake you wish, let cool. 
2.  Torte your cake and add filling of your choice.
3.  Place cake on platter or in a large pasta bowl.
4.  Tint icing slightly with yellow to get the look of pasta.
5.  Using a decorating bag and a #5 or #6 tip start creating squeezing it all over the cake to resemble spaghetti.
6.  Mix jam with some water so it's a little runny and put chocolate balls into the jam mixture.  Once they are covered spoon onto cake and pour remaining jam over them.

Have fun!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ariel Birthday Cake

This was another fun cake to make. The birthday girl is turning 4 and loves Ariel. I used a Ariel Barbie for Ariel for 2 reason's. First what kid doesn't love getting an extra toy on their cake, second copy right laws won't allow me to mold a copy right figure and sell it on a cake. While this cake is for a special princess aka my niece, therefore is not being sold. I still didn't want to put a cake in my gallery that I can not sell. So I decided to use the doll on this cake so that I can showcase a true example of what I can offer customers. Plus lets admit it, it's a lot less work on my end to use a toy ;)

I covered her legs in fondant and made imprints to turn her into a mermaid for the cake.   All other fondant pieces are hand molded for the cake.  

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Enchanted Easter

A fun Easter egg hunt in the forest.   This is the cake I made for our family Easter dinner tomorrow night.    It's a vanillia strawberry cake covered in chocolate fondant.   Everything is hand molded except for the Easter eggs, they are chocolate mini eggs.