Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ariel Birthday Cake

This was another fun cake to make. The birthday girl is turning 4 and loves Ariel. I used a Ariel Barbie for Ariel for 2 reason's. First what kid doesn't love getting an extra toy on their cake, second copy right laws won't allow me to mold a copy right figure and sell it on a cake. While this cake is for a special princess aka my niece, therefore is not being sold. I still didn't want to put a cake in my gallery that I can not sell. So I decided to use the doll on this cake so that I can showcase a true example of what I can offer customers. Plus lets admit it, it's a lot less work on my end to use a toy ;)

I covered her legs in fondant and made imprints to turn her into a mermaid for the cake.   All other fondant pieces are hand molded for the cake.  

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