Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun with cake pops

, So what is a cake pop you ask.......a little piece of heaven!   I came across the world of cake pops on Bakerella and had to try them out.  They are made from cake crumbled up then mixed with icing which you then form into balls  (or what ever shape you need), as if that doesn't sound yummy as it is, you then dip them in chocolate!!   Trust me, they taste amazing.

These are some fun little chick pops for Easter.

Here are some great spring flowers.   I love the colours of these.   The cake pop is the base under the flower, so you get an added bonus of candy with these ones :) 
I will also be making this for Mother's Day so let me know if you are interested in ordering yours as I need to get some of the supplies while Easter items are still out.

These little guys didn't turn out as cute as I had hoped but I wanted to post them for you anyways.  My kids love the show In the night garden.   These are two of the characters from the show.  

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