Monday, March 22, 2010

Cake idea for April fools day.

Want a fun little trick for your kids on April Fool's day?  These are so easy to make and your kids will love them.

Buy a pound cake from the frozen dessert section of the grocery store.  Cut it into slices, put it in the oven for about a minute under broil to give it a toasty look.  Be careful this happens very fast.  Let them cool, and cut them diagonally. Using about a 1/4 tub of icing or your own home made icing dye it with a little red and several drops of food colouring until you get a nice orange colour for cheese.  If you put a nice amount on one side of your sandwich and put the top piece of toast on top pushing down lightly you will get the icing to come out of the edges making it look like melted cheese.

Give them a try and let me know how you made out.


Marianne said...

I was wondering how far ahead you can make these. Are they served warm? Do they still taste OK hours after they are made?

Julie said...

Hi Marianne,

They are served cold. You toast the pound cake in the oven to give the toasty look but then let it cool before putting the icing in the middle.

These were made about 2 days before enjoyed by the kids. You could keep them in the fridge to keep them fresh as well.

Let me know how you made out with them.