Saturday, January 23, 2010

Barrel of Whiskey

This cake is for a 30th birthday party.  They don't know what to expect as a request of design was not given and I know this person loves Whiskey so this is what instantly came to mind.  It should be fun to see their reaction when I drop the cake off today.

It was very fun to make and smells so good!  I used chocolate fondant to cover the cake and the whole place smells like chocolate now....yumm. 



Anonymous said...

This was probably the best tasting cake I have ever had. I was going to take the rest of it to work for the ladies in the office, but I couldnt stop eating it. So it stayed. Now can you make a whisky flavoured cake? lol

Julie said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I used a new amazing cake recipe so they would stand up without falling apart. I couldn't believe how good that chocolate fondant smelt.
Additional liquid can always be added :)