Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oreo Cookie Turkeys Tutorial

Make these cute little treats for Thanksgiving.  Little ones just love these guys.
They are easy to make, but give yourself a couple of hours to complete them. 

To start out you will need:
Oreo Double Stuf (the regular ones will not allow you to put the candy corn in)
Candy Corn
Resse Mini Cups or you can get mint and caramel for those with nut allergies
A pipping bag with a number 3 tip and some icing (you could also put a small hole in a baggie with icing)

Each turkey requires:
10 Candy Corn
2 Cookies
1 Mini Cup
1 Whopper

Use a bit of icing to attach your 2 cookies together.  I suggest doing all your cookies first so the icing can harden a bit before you start attaching stuff to the cookies.
 Take 6 candy corns and push them gently into the cookie.  You may need to put a little bit of icing into the cookie first so they stick better.
Put a bit of icing onto the bottom and back of the mini cup and apply to cookies.
 Cut the tips off of 2 pieces of Candy Corn. Set the tips aside as you will need them later.

Attach the 2 Candy Corn you just cut as feet, using a little icing as glue.
Attach the Whopper onto the cup by putting a little icing on the bottom and back of it.  Yow will need to hold it in place for a few seconds.
 Take the remaining 2 Candy Corns and attach them to the top of the mini cup on either side of the whopper as arms.
Take one of the little pieces that you cut off for the feet and attach it to the whopper as a beak.   Then use your icing bag to make 2 little dots as eyes.
  Put a little bit of blue food colouring into a bowl and use a tooth pick to add blue eyes to your turkey. 

 Your finished!  Watch the kids faces light up as they enjoy these little guys. 


Leslie said...

too cute, thanks for sharing your directions.

Anonymous said...

Do you think children can do these too? Or do you recommend them not?

Anonymous said...

I am a pediatric occupational therapist and I plan on making these cookies with my patients tomorrow. They will probably need min/mod assist. Most of my patients have fine motor deficits, along with a medical diagnosis. I am sure any child over the age of 3, with assistance could do these.

Smashing Cake Designs said...

I think the kids will have a ton of fun making these. They are a bit time consuming, but a great project for the kids.

roberta said...

made them with my kids - they are awesome! Girls LOVED it! Thanks so much for sharing such a creative idea!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! How long did this take to complete?