Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Would you eat it?

Okay so my step father and I have lots of fun teasing each other all the time.   At a family birthday party in August he was teasing me about what kind of cake I should make for his birthday.   I shot off with a quick response saying he would get a piece of S***  He of course laughed and said "Ya, right.  I dare you" 

So I thought about it for about a week and thought he deserved much more then one piece.   So below is his very delicious Banana Cream Cake.

Happy Birthday Gerry!! 

If you are a little twisted like I apparently am, this would make a fun cake for a Halloween Party.   Rather then cake, have it all cupcakes underneath and see how many party goers are brave enough to dig in :)

1 comment:

Lorrinda said...

ROTFL! You have to send this to Cake Wrecks...they are always making fun of the brown poo-resembling decorations that aren't supposed to be poo. They need to feature an actual poop cake that looks good!