Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mega Blocks

I have had the mold to make these blocks for months, so I was thrilled to finally put them to use for this cake.  However it proved to be slightly more challenging then I thought it would be.   Each block is melted chocolate, left hollow then stuffed with cake. 
I then did 3 dozen mini cupcakes for the younger kids and those that aren't chocolate lovers like myself :)


Dayna said...

These are awesome, looks like they took a lot of work!

Are the lego blocks on the cupcakes mini candy legos?

Julie said...

Hi Dayna,

Yes the blocks on the cupcakes are little Lego candies you can get at the Bulk Barn. They were perfect for this project and it meant I didn't have to spend hours hand crafting Lego blocks :)