Monday, May 17, 2010

Cream coloured roses and a special cake for a young man

This was ordered to celebrate a variety of occasions.   Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary and a party with visiting family members from England.   The roses were a good match as it let guests pick away at the bouquet all evening.
 It was also their son's birthday, figuring he wouldn't like a rose bouquet as a cake they asked if I could just do a blue cupcake or something for them.   During that conversation I inquired about his interests to try and make the cupcake a little nicer for him.  Apparently he is saving all his pennies to buy his own big screen TV.  So keeping it simple like they requested this is what I came up with for him.   It's a 5"cake, which would also make a cute smash cake size for 1st birthdays.

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